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The Roar of the Furious Sea

by Sun of the Dying

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released April 11, 2017



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Sun of the Dying Spain

Doom/Death Metal band sunken in Madrid.

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Track Name: Abandoned and forgotten
Abandoned and forgotten in the fields of despair Kilometres of emptiness around you

Nothingness as your only sight Banished from the garden of dreams Born twice in the moors of asphyxia

Son of the light and darkness Through a time that isn’t yours Lost in a place where there is no way out shattered, walking by your side. Escape from the exile. …and now!!! You are the lighthouse on the cornfields shining with the light of rage. You are the flame in the fields that will burn everything on its way.
Track Name: The Tide
Dragged, carried away by the tide,
swept into the sea.
Swallowed by a water Coffin
…Is the tide!!!
Continues its way devouring the sand,
Dominated by the Moon.

Anchored to the ground like a rock,
eroding you with the passing of its
waters through time.

The ouroboros of oceans… the cycle…
Repeating again and again until the end
of everything known.

Calm but unstoppable it advances.
Cold and austere is the breathing of the sea,
drowning hope.
I’m lost away to the ocean’s illusion.

When the tide leaves only Hopelessness
as if it was dead fish all around us.
The furious ocean claims the tide to come back
Track Name: Engraved in a stone
When the sun and moon were captured in a stone, etched in stone. Day and night, life and death… …our circle… …beginning and end…

Giants of stone around me. Carved by my ancestors. Eternal guards of the graves of my tribe. Their symbols on my skin… …in my blood. Marks on stone. Cantabrian stelas that speak about our past.

We’ll end up in the bottom of the cliff… …drinking the mournful nectar of yew

Pre-Chistian funeral rites. The light of a better era. Ancient rituals dedicated do death that are part of us. Unafraid to join the stars without fear of disappearing forever.

The end and the beginning. Engraved in a stone.
Track Name: All is nothing… Nothing is all
I am the silence and also the screams
I am all.
I am the silence and also the screams
I am all or nothing.

I am not god not Lucifer…
I am god and I am Lucifer

The two sides of the same coin,
melted into a bullet.
Once I was a lamb
but I am now the dragon
Mental metamorphosis,
The evolution of heat.
I am the prey…
… but I am also the hunter!!!
I am the omega!!!
I am the alpha!!!

The void created inside me
devouring from within.
A scream of help drowned in a
dark ocean of silence…
…the ocean of my mind…

The creator of my steps…
…and the destroyer of my way.

All is nothing… and nothing is all!!!
Track Name: From the dead stars
My mind isn’t of this world
My mind is in Carcosa

Among dead stars,
navigating through cold space.
Huge shapes, space gods.
They fall to the earth as incandescent meteorites,
venture in the deeps.

In the land an in the ocean floor…
…from the depths of the earth…
…they watch us…

Recumbent, sleepers, lurking hypnotic…
Tyrants of the space.
Timeless Gods
Lords of the Cosmos. Lords of the Depths

From R’lyeh the almighty tyrant breathes…
…laying, waiting…
The creeping whisper to us
Within our minds.
Induced madness.
Dreams/Nightmares surrounded by tentacle

From the abyss they watching us.
The Abyss of the Cosmos…
…The Abyss of the Depths…

My mind isn’t of this world.